New version 1.8

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New version 1.8


V 1.8 + Added codefix for chmod 644
V 1.8 + Added Custom Auto Resize Admin Panel
V 1.8 + Added Admin Character Truetype / Font and Size

V 1.8 + For add TrueType Font see dossier max_upload\fontstruetype -> add the file and report the name whith extension in Admin Panel

V 1.8 ! Fixed Langage spanish
V 1.7 + Added Admin Character Size Type Gdf
V 1.7 + Added Admin Resize Auto whith Text Options on/off
V 1.7 + Added Resize Auto whith Text Options
V 1.6 ! Minor change or bugfix
V 1.6 + Added Action Barre
V 1.5 + Added Admin Text on/off
V 1.5 + Added Admin Crop on/off
V 1.5 + Added Admin Resize on/off
V 1.4 + Added Texte
V 1.4 + Added Crop
V 1.4 + Added Resize
V 1.3 ! Fixed to work with 2.0.7 user Verify Chmod 664 /max_upload/max_upl_img.php
V 1.2 + Added Quick Reply
V 1.1 ! Fixed to work with Seo and Pretty Url
V 1.0  - Initial Release
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14 Mai 2014 à 22:14:50 #1 Dernière édition: 14 Mai 2014 à 22:46:07 par foropimiento »
just installed

language file OK
644 OK

really love the auto resize options, awesome  ;D

one problem:
the progress bar continue finishing 1 minute after bbcode appear, for example in 1.5mb files and 2500pixels

and a question:

how the default resize option works? I choose 1024 but after upload a image it don't autoresize I need to select the 1024 option.

I think the default option are always use in case you don't select another different, but always autoresize if u put a default resize option, don't you? even if you choose NO

thanks, nice job  :D




For the next update please be patient I am busy here by my job during about ten days.

Thanks :)
Amitiés et à Bientôt.
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Ok, dont worry

mod is working great  :D