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Version for test :)

Bug Fix for install langages.

If problems verify the file Modifications.spanish_es or Modifications.spanish_es-utf8 at the end of file.

Added Resize auto with text options.

You can choose in the control panel the options that will be displayed.

Added Character Size -> Gdf Format at this time 1/5

You can choose in the control panel the options character size. Size Gdf Not TTF.

The TTF Function in the next version.

I search beautifull font (free) for Ttf function -> idea ??

Save your Display.Template before desinstall. This file contains some mods.

After desinstall remove translation in modifications.spanish_es.....

Install the mod

After Install put the chmod 644

Sorry for the inconveniences of the beta versions.

Thank's for report.

Attention I am not anymore the before Monday.

Good luck.
Amitiés et à Bientôt.
Have a Nice Day.


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nice work

just installed


need to 644 the mod file
same problem in my translation file

display.template works fine

I really like the auto resize option  :D  is awesome

I will try to find some cool free font  :D

What about the default resize option? admin choose in control panel

for next version if u like:

- auto insert the bbcode, some idea: a + icon right the link when u click the link insert in the text are

thanks  :D



Thanks for report.

To be patient for the next version it will be at the end of week.

Add custom size in Admin panel for auto resize. 5 options and is empty not displayed.

Add True Type Font and size. Custom font and Size in Admin Panel.

If you have cool free font :)

Example : Image whith TrueType Calligraphic and character size 20 pixels.

For auto insert BBcode it will be for the end of the programming because the time is necessary to make it .


Amitiés et à Bientôt.
Have a Nice Day.



Idea for autoresize in admin, use the same options 1280/1024/800/NO if I choose 1024 in the user mod the 1024 option will use by default in all the images he upload, he dont need to check it

nice font, great job  :D

I will try to find some cool fonts for next version

Ok, I understand the autoinsert bbcode require a lot of time

thanks  ;D




Before the next preview 1.8.

Citersame problem in my translation file

Do you have the same problems with the files of English language ? 
If no :  To join the Spanish file thank you.

Citerneed to 644 the mod file

Your chmod after install ?


The TrueType size is for Admin Only or Members ?


Amitiés et à Bientôt.
Have a Nice Day.


not, only with spanish in my modifications.spanish.utf8

Yes, always need to manua 644 the php mod file trought my cpanel

truetype only for admins please

thanks  ;D